Red Lip Tip

When wearing red lips always wear a simpler eye and apply your blush afterwards so you don’t go overboard! The red is a big enough of a statement you don’t need bold eyes and cheek to go with it as well!



Applying Blush- Two Finger Rule

Blush should always be applied two fingers away from your mouth back to the hair line. If your face is round place the blush three fingers away.


Contouring 101!

How To Contour

Want to learn how to contour? Ever see anyone make those crazy fish faces or awkwardly smile? They are contouring their face! The picture shows where you want to contour. Everywhere you see a one is where you want to place your bronzer- along your hair-line, the hallows of your cheeks, and your jaw line along with down your neck. To find the hallows of your cheeks make a fish face and contour. Everywhere you see a two you will highlight. You will highlight under your eyes back to your hair-line, your chin, cupids bow, up the bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead. Contouring gives your face definition and shape. To finish off the look smile and where the apples of your cheeks are place your blush all the way back to your hair-line as well. Happy Contouring!!