Red Lip Tip

When wearing red lips always wear a simpler eye and apply your blush afterwards so you don’t go overboard! The red is a big enough of a statement you don’t need bold eyes and cheek to go with it as well!



Applying Blush- Two Finger Rule

Blush should always be applied two fingers away from your mouth back to the hair line. If your face is round place the blush three fingers away.


Makeup Brushes and Their Functions


The above picture describes what each makeup brush is used for. It’s best to use brushes when applying your makeup and not your hands. Your skin on your face is very fragile. When your pulling and tugging on the skin on your face you tend to create premature wrinkles and cause your skin to fall a lot faster than it should. The brushes are a lot easier on your skin and give your makeup a different finish that if you were to apply with your hands.